Virunga II – Golden monkeys – Goldmeerkatzen

Virunga I – The mountain gorillas – Die Berggorillas

The Virunga volcanoes include eight volcanoes in total, situated at the border triangle of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. Extended areas around the volcanoes are protected in order to preserve half of the population of the famous mountain gorillas living in the montane forests. The most active of the volcanoes are Nyiragongo (3.462 m) and […]

Simien mountains – Die Simien-Berge

The Simien mountains (Semen = Amharic for north) in northwest Ethiopia, north of Gondar, is the highest part of the country, including peaks of 4.000 m or more in altitude as well as the highest mountain, Ras Dejen, with 4.533 m. That makes the Simien mountains the “Roof of Africa”. One landmark of the mountains […]