Tsingy rouge

Die Tsingy rouge liegen südlich von Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez) und sind wie der Cirque rouge nahe Mahajanga und La Vallée im Ankarafantsika Nationalpark ein Produkt von Rodung sowie der daraus resultierenden Erosion und wurden erst in jüngerer Vergangenheit entdeckt. Die Formationen verändern sich mit jeder Regenzeit und werden wohl wie ihre südlicheren Pendants irgendwann vollständig weggewaschen. […]

Cirque Rouge

For obvious reasons, that sediment formation north of port town Mahajanga in north-western Madagascar is called Cirque Rouge. Elements keep working on the colourful cliffs, which are holy to some locals. A well is pushing out the water just through the coloured sand in the middle of the valley. People use to pray there, and […]


One of Madagascar’s most fascinating natural areas is located on an ascending ledge in the island’s north-western corner and appears quite unspectacular at first sight. In a dry, undulating and treeless area of the fourth biggest island and second biggest island state after Indonesia, Ankarafantsika is towering approximately 250 m above the surrounding landscape. Intersected […]

Journey through a mouldering land – Reise durch ein zerfallendes Land

An important ressource rarely taken into account, often disdained and most of the time “tramped on” without bothering much is soil! But that is the surface of this planet, generating life and nutrients as well as keeping everything alive. Desertification – the ongoing spreading of deserts – and erosion are devastating enormous amounts of soil […]