Lumangwe & Kabwelume Falls – Die Lumangwe- & Kabwelume-Fälle

The Kalungwishi River in Northern Zambia is truly the gem of that area. Coming down from a remote mountain range of over 1.600 meters altitude, the river is flowing down in northwestern direction towards Lake Mweru. On its last 80 kilometers the Kalungwishi is passing three falls of which Lumangwe Falls is the first one. […]

Livingstone & Victoria falls – Livingstone & die Victoriafälle

Livingstone Modern-day Livingstone is located where once Constitution hill had been, only a few kilometres from Victoria falls and the original settlement. That settlement had been founded in 1898 but was relocated to the present place as early as 1901 because of the problematical climate conditions right at Zambezi river. Das moderne Livingstone liegt heute […]

Mount Elgon

4.321 m high Mount Elgon is the fifth highest mountain in eastern Africa and the eighth highest on the whole continent. This incredibly old volcano in eastern Uganda at the boarder to Kenia has been extinct for about 10 million years, it´s extremely eroded, and the typical conic shape is hardly recognizable anymore. At its […]

Tsingy rouge

Die Tsingy rouge liegen südlich von Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez) und sind wie der Cirque rouge nahe Mahajanga und La Vallée im Ankarafantsika Nationalpark ein Produkt von Rodung sowie der daraus resultierenden Erosion und wurden erst in jüngerer Vergangenheit entdeckt. Die Formationen verändern sich mit jeder Regenzeit und werden wohl wie ihre südlicheren Pendants irgendwann vollständig weggewaschen. […]

Cirque Rouge

For obvious reasons, that sediment formation north of port town Mahajanga in north-western Madagascar is called Cirque Rouge. Elements keep working on the colourful cliffs, which are holy to some locals. A well is pushing out the water just through the coloured sand in the middle of the valley. People use to pray there, and […]

Tsingy de Bemaraha

After a tropical night that had us soaked in sweat, we faced the fact that our car was still standing on the other side of the river with its hood wide open. So, we got on a pirogue and headed upstream Manombolo for the Petit Tsingy, which is the southern end of the karst scenery. […]