A visit to the Anuwak – Zu Besuch bei den Anuak

Even though the Gambella province is the least populated in Ethiopia, there are still five ethnic groups calling the land their home. Besides the Nuer and the Anuwak people, there are Majong, Opo and Komo, but when it comes to numbers, the Nuer and the Anuwak are the dominant groups. Members of these two are […]


The legendary city of Harar is in Ethiopia´s east only a few kilometres from the border to Somaliland at 1.850 m at the outermost point of the Ahmar mountain range. Famous for its UNESCO World Heritage old town enclosed by a defence wall, modern-day Harar has around 200.000 inhabitants and is quite a typical African […]

Arba Minch & Nechisar National Park

South of Addis Ababa, the Rift Valley pervades Ethiopias mountain ranges all the way south to the border with Kenya. There are numerous lakes on the bottom of the Rift Valley, of which Lake Abbaye is the largest. The lake once had been even larger, but then volcanic eruptions created a land bridge between both […]

Meet the Dorze – Zu Gast bei den Dorze

The Dorze live up in the Guge mountains north of Arba Minch, and they belong to the so called “Museum of tribes” in southern Ethiopia, ancient ethnic groups living just like their forefathers. Long ago, the Dorze had been a tribe of hunters and warriors, but when the regions big game disappeared, the people had […]

Bale mountains – Die Bale-Berge

The Bale mountains southeast of Shashemene rank among the most beautiful landscapes in the country. They are home to some decent peaks, including Mount Tulu Dimtu, with 4.377 m Ethiopia’s second highest mountain, rising out of the 4.000 m high Sanetti plateau, Africa’s largest area above 3.000 m. The lush montane rainforests on its slopes […]


The city of Gambella as well as the eponymous region are oddities in Ethiopia, lacking the significant features of the rest of the country, especially the highland culture. The region is more linked to South Sudan because of the nearby border. The city has been established by Britain in 1907 as a port at Baro […]


A few kilometres north of Dessie, you get to Hayk, a bland small town stretching along the road. But one or two kilometres from the town centre, one can find the eponymous lake on an altitude of 2.000 m amidst a lush mountain scenery that couldn´t be more picturesque. The lake is 85 m deep […]


With more than half a million residents, modern Dessie is one of the biggest cities in Ethiopia. The town is set at an altitude of 2.600 m at the foot of local Mount Tossa right at the north-south link between Adigrat, Mekele, Weldiya, Dessie and Addis Ababa. Around Dessie, the ancient trading routes of the […]

Genna – Christmas at Lalibela – Weihnachten in Lalibela

Genna (or Lidet) is the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas that is celebrated on January 7th, according to the Julian calendar used by the Ethiopians. In leap years, the celebration is shifted for one day. But not in Lalibela where Genna has a special significance. Legend has it that king Lalibela had been born on the same […]

Lalibela – Jerusalem in Africa – Jerusalem in Afrika

It was the village of Roha on an altitude of 2.630 m in the remote Lasta highland at the foot of 4.190 m high Mount Abune Yosef, that king Lalibela had chosen after a change of power at the end of the Aksumite rule to have his nowadays world famous rock-hewn churches being built. The […]