Likoma Island

The landscape of Likoma is even more characterized by baobab trees than the one of Chizumulu, stretching their bony fingers towards the sky everywhere. The island is completely deforested, except for the far north. Besides the baobabs, there are only few patches of bush or trees left on the hills of Likoma that become flatter […]


Even if Ambositra (pronounced ambooshtre) might be no more than a halt in between for most Madagascar travellers, it´s definitely worth giving it a second glance. Ambositra is a small town halfway between Antsirabe and Fianarantsoa on the RN7 from Tana down south, and it got charms set in the middle of central Madagascan highland […]


It happens quite often that one has to stopover at Antsirabe – the town “with a lot of salt” – if travelling southern, south-eastern or western Madagascar. Just 150 kilometres south of Antananarivo in the central highland, Antsirabe is not only statistically the coldest place on the island, but also an industrial and agricultural centre […]

Lambaréné – Visiting Albert Schweitzer – Zu Gast bei Albert Schweitzer

Lambaréné is situated southeast of Libreville on the banks of the mighty Oogué, the “Congo of Gabon”, before it branches out, feeding several lakes and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean in a giant delta 100 kilometres west near Port Gentil. The town lies in the middle of dense rainforest, just like in the times of […]


The legendary city of Harar is in Ethiopia´s east only a few kilometres from the border to Somaliland at 1.850 m at the outermost point of the Ahmar mountain range. Famous for its UNESCO World Heritage old town enclosed by a defence wall, modern-day Harar has around 200.000 inhabitants and is quite a typical African […]


With more than half a million residents, modern Dessie is one of the biggest cities in Ethiopia. The town is set at an altitude of 2.600 m at the foot of local Mount Tossa right at the north-south link between Adigrat, Mekele, Weldiya, Dessie and Addis Ababa. Around Dessie, the ancient trading routes of the […]

Genna – Christmas at Lalibela – Weihnachten in Lalibela

Genna (or Lidet) is the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas that is celebrated on January 7th, according to the Julian calendar used by the Ethiopians. In leap years, the celebration is shifted for one day. But not in Lalibela where Genna has a special significance. Legend has it that king Lalibela had been born on the same […]

Lalibela – Jerusalem in Africa – Jerusalem in Afrika

It was the village of Roha on an altitude of 2.630 m in the remote Lasta highland at the foot of 4.190 m high Mount Abune Yosef, that king Lalibela had chosen after a change of power at the end of the Aksumite rule to have his nowadays world famous rock-hewn churches being built. The […]

Gondar – City of palaces – Die Stadt der Paläste

The important imperial city of the 17th and the 18th centuries, Gondar, is a nice mixture of a modern-day town and its historic remains, among them the most famous palace area Gemp. Today’s Gondar has 600.000+ inhabitants and is located at 2.300 m in altitude near the Simien mountains and northeast of Lake Tana. Because […]

Bahir Dar & Lake Tana – Bahir Dar & Der Tanasee

The region around Bahir Dar (1.880m) at Lake Tana in Ethiopia´s northeast is referred to as “Tuscany of Ethiopia” because of the warm climate as well as its idyllic location at the southern end of the country’s largest lake. More than half a million people are living in Bahir Dar today, making their living with […]