We reached Pakwach in the emptiest minibus in history. At the end of the ride, we had been the only two passengers on the complete rear bench seat, and I wondered if this could be an indication of the upcoming apocalypse. But the world decided to exist a little longer, and we got the opportunity […]

Murchison Falls National Park

With a size of around 3.800 km2, Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda´s largest protected area. In a north-western corner of the country, it is divided into a northern and a southern sector by the Victoria Nile coming from lake Kyoga to the east. The Victoria Nile delta at lake Albert in the west is […]

Bahir Dar & Lake Tana – Bahir Dar & Der Tanasee

The region around Bahir Dar (1.880m) at Lake Tana in Ethiopia´s northeast is referred to as “Tuscany of Ethiopia” because of the warm climate as well as its idyllic location at the southern end of the country’s largest lake. More than half a million people are living in Bahir Dar today, making their living with […]